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There is information about this line in James Gorton Brooker pedigrees 10 (Allason of Mosser), 83 (Williamson), 102 (Robinson of Greysouthen) and 121 (Robinson of Hill in Mosser (Beech Hill)).

5. Deborah (1807-77)

Deborah is known to be the wife of Thomas WILLIAMSON and the mother of his son Joseph Robinson WILLIAMSON by Joseph's birth certificate, Deborah and Thomas's marriage certificate, the Memorandums of Mary BEEBY, a Williamson family bible and an online transcript of the record of the event by Beckfoot Quaker meeting. Also Brooker shows it in trees 83 (Williamson), 102 (Robinson of Greysouthen) and 121 (Robinson of Hill in Mosser (Beech Hill)). The Memorandums and the marriage certificate give Deborah's residence (and her parents') at the time as Pardshaw. Deborah is shown under her married name with the family in the 1851 census. Her age and place of birth in that fit with her birth record.

6a. Joseph (1776-1867)and Mary (1780-1839) of Armaside and Pardshaw
6b. Joseph and Dinah

Joseph is known to be the father of Deborah above by his grandson's name, Deborah's marriage records (including the Memorandums) and the Quaker record of Deborah's birth. The memorandums, the Beckfoot marriage register and the Pardshaw Quaker birth register give Mary's first name. She is then fully identified in the Quaker register of their marriage. Perhaps need to check why I'm sure that that is the right marriage record.

Of the other facts on the main page, his occupation is in his own and his daughter's marriage records (Quaker in both cases and GRO for her). The residences are in Quaker records - Armaside in Joseph and Mary's marriage and Deborah's birth, and Pardshaw in Deborah's marriage. Elsewhere in Quaker registers are mentions of Joseph ROBINSON of Armaside/Pardshaw as witness to other marriages - if these are all him, I think we can pin the move down to the period 1824-34. Brooker has both places in pedigrees 10, 102 and 121 and just Pardshaw in 83.

Mary's death I so far only have from Brooker - 121 is the one that gives the date. I should search RG6 to make sure there are no other candidates and there is appropriate supporting information eg the name and residence of Joseph as a widower. Likewise Joseph's second marriage and date of death I have only from Brooker 102, so I should search for them and make sure they are solid.

Should find Joseph in 1841, 51, 61 censuses to support birth, death, widowerhood(?) and remarriage. Currently my best supporting evidence for linking Joseph's birth with his later life is that the parents match his first marriage.

7. John (1731-99) and Deborah (1735-1811) ROBINSON of Eaglesfield and Armaside

John and Deborah are named as Joseph's parents in the Quaker records of both his birth and marriage. The marriage reinforces the identification by noting that John has died and Deborah survives. The birth record gives an Eaglesfield location; the marriage gives an Armaside residence; both give yeoman as an occupation. That John did live at Eaglesfield is attested in the Quaker records of his own marriage and that of his son John.

John and Deborah's own marriage record (which I need to search for in RG6 to make sure I'm not missing any details and to see how sure I am of its identification - I only have it noted from an email) gives Deborah's name and residence.

Details of their son John are mainly from Brooker 102, though I did note his marriage directly from the Quaker record. Brooker 102 is also the source for the deaths of John and Deborah - need to look in Quaker records to find the primary record and see how strongly linked it is.

8. Matthew (1691-1765) and Deborah (d 1733)

My only source for these generations is Brooker 102, so that needs checking in primary records and supporting information.

Let me note here that their daughter Mary married a WILSON of Greythwaite - perhaps cross-reference with that pedigree, Brooker 99.

9. Matthew (d 1697) and Ann of Greysouthen

10. Matthew of Greysouthen

My only source for these generations is Brooker 102, so that needs checking in primary records and supporting information.

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