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This family, like several other lines in my ancestry, were part of the Quaker (Society of Friends) community around the meeting house at Pardshaw Hall in Cumberland. (more information about Pardshaw Hall and its Quakers here).

The generations of this Robinson line are:

10. Matthew ROBINSON who lived at Greysouthen in the 17th century. More

9. Matthew (d 1697) and Ann ROBINSON of Greysouthen. Ann was previously a PEARSON of Wythop. More

8. Matthew (1691-1765) and Deborah (d 1733) ROBINSON. Deborah was previously a TIFFIN of Eaglesfield. More

7. John (1731-99) and Deborah (1735-1811) ROBINSON of Eaglesfield and Armaside. Deborah was previously a WILSON of Whinfell. More

6a. Joseph (1776-1867)and Mary (1780-1839) ROBINSON of Armaside and Pardshaw. Mary was previously an ALLASON of Mosser Gate. More
6b. Joseph and Dinah ROBINSON of Eaglesfield. Dinah had been a WALKER of Dean Mains.

5. Deborah ROBINSON (1807-77) who married Thomas WILLIAMSON. More

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Further details

10. Matthew of Greysouthen

Matthew ROBINSON lived at Greysouthen. He had a daughter Isabel, born 1666, and a son, Matthew.

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9. Matthew (d 1697) and Ann of Greysouthen

Matthew married Ann PEARSON of Wythop, at John Fearon's house, Pardshaw Cragg, in 1674. They had 8 children:
John 1675
Joseph 1678
Peter 1679
Isabel 1683
Joseph 1685
William 1688
Matthew 1691 and
Ann 1693

Matthew died in 1697, with his children aged from about 22 down to 4. Of the children, John died in 1715. For Matthew see below. I don't have any information on the other children though presumably the first Joseph died as a young child (between 1679 and 1685 so aged about 1 to 7) for his next-but-one brother to be given the same name.

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8. Matthew (1691-1765) and Deborah (d 1733)

Matthew married Deborah TIFFIN of Eaglesfield, probably in 1721.

I know of 2 children - Mary, in 1725, and John in 1731 - see below.

Deborah died in 1733, when John was a small child, and Matthew in 1765.

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7. John (1731-99) and Deborah (1735-1811) ROBINSON of Eaglesfield and Armaside

John married Deborah WILSON of Whinfell at Pardshaw Hall on 8 March 1770.

John was a yeoman. He and Deborah had two boys - John 1770 and Joseph 1776 (8 November). They lived at Eaglesfield at this time though seem to have moved to Armaside later in life.

John snr died in 1799, with the two boys still living and in their twenties. Deborah was therefore widowed in her 60s and died in 1811.

John jnr married Mary HARRIS of Eaglesfield in 1800. For Joseph see below.

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6a. Joseph (1776-1867)and Mary (1780-1839) of Armaside and Pardshaw
6b. Joseph and Dinah
5 Deborah (1807-77)

Joseph was a yeoman. He married Mary ALLASON on 29 May 1806 at Pardshaw Hall. They had a daughter, Deborah, on 5 April 1807. They lived at Armaside but later moved to Pardshaw.

Deborah married Thomas WILLIAMSON on 23 May 1838 at Pardshaw - see the Williamson page for further details of her later life.

Mary died on 25 August 1839, the year after her daughter's marriage. Joseph married again, about 6 years later in 1845 (aged nearly 70), to Dinah WALKER, the daughter of Joseph WALKER of Dean Mains. Joseph lived to at least 90, dying in 1867.

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