Roleplaying games

I've got some stuff I'm putting up here as an online reference to my developing homebrew project based (fairly loosely) on the d20 system:

Playtest Rules

Some rules I'm hoping to playtest and some notes discussing why.

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Here are also my older notes from a few years ago when I was playing Warhammer and briefly running a beginners DnD 3.0 game and coming up with variants on that:

Dungeons and Dragons

The most popular RPG in the world, the game I know best

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The best of British, a game of grit and dark humour. I'm playing in two campaigns at the moment, so find brief pages about them here.

Reality bites

Good fantasy for me is based in reality - find research and sources here (pages in preparation)

Not just games

Art, fiction, film, etc. as gaming resources (pages in preparation)


Essays, articles and other ramblings about RPGs in general

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