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The generations of my Webster line are:

6. Richard (b before about 1820 - probably alive 1864) and Elizabeth? WEBSTER of Lathom, Lancashire. More

5. James (abt 1836 - at least 1882) and Jane (about 1839 - at least 1881) WEBSTER of Rainford and Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Jane had been a ROWBOTTOM. More

4. Elizabeth Ann (abt 1862 - at least 1891) WEBSTER who married Richard RIGBY. More

Further details

6. Richard (b before about 1820 - probably alive 1864) and Elizabeth?

Richard WEBSTER probablylived in Lathom, Lancashire (a little north of Skelmersdale) in 1836. Richard's wife may have been Elizabeth. Richard was a miner, and was probably still living in 1864.

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5. James (abt 1836 - at least 1882) and Jane (about 1839 - at least 1881)

James WEBSTER was born about 1836 in Lathom. I don't have any information from this period about him though.

About 1862 a girl later described as his daughter, Elizabeth Ann, was born, in Rainford (between Liverpool and Manchester and a bit north), but it isn't clear whether he was actually her birth father. On 3 June 1864 in St Helens, Lancashire (between Manchester and Liverpool, south of Rainford), he married Jane ROWBOTTOM; both were listed as resident in St Helens. James was described as a miner; Jane was the daughter of an engineman. James was a coal miner until about 1881. In 1865 and 1871 they were living in Rainford, at Bushey Lane, Harding’s Row. While there, they had three children – Nancy in 1865, Thomas, about 1866, and Joseph, about 1871. By about 1874 they had moved to Skelmersdale, where their youngest was born, Mary J. In 1881 they were living at Clegg Street, Skelmersdale. Their two teenage daughters are described as 'general servants' but I'm not sure that means they were employed or just helped out at home. The two boys, aged 10 and 14 are both labourers in the coal mine. In 1882, James is described as a labourer.

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4. Elizabeth Ann (abt 1862 - at least 1891)

Elizabeth Ann WEBSTER (or ROWBOTTOM or perhaps some other surname) was born in Rainford about 1862. Her parents as described above were not at this point married. In 1882, aged 20, though she was still living with her parents she was working as a servant. In 1882 she married Richard RIGBY in Liverpool - both of them gave addresses in Birchfield Street - see his page for her married life. She may have been pregnant at the time.

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