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I have four generations of this JACKSON line in Ennerdale and nearby Lamplugh in the western Lake District, Cumberland.

The generations of my Jackson line are:

7. Possibly John JACKSON, 18th century More

6. Joseph (abt 1771-1855) and Margaret (abt 1785-1875) JACKSON of Eskett. Margaret had been a JEFFERSON of Ennerdale. More

5. Joseph (1824-1890) and Mary (1830-1899) JACKSON of Lamplugh. Mary had been a PONSONBY. More

4. Margaret JACKSON (1852-1947) who married Jeremiah RAWLING. More

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Further details:

7. Possibly John, 18th century

I know nothing more of this possible ancestor yet.

6. Joseph (abt 1771-1855) and Margaret (abt 1785-1875) of Eskett

Joseph JACKSON was born about 1771, probably in the parish of Dean in the western Lake District. In 1817, aged about 46, he married Margaret JEFFERSON of Ennerdale. Margaret was fifteen years his junior. They lived at Eskett in Ennerdale and their children were:
John about 1819, who married Eleanor MOSSOP in 1845
Mary about 1823
Joseph in 1824 (see below)
Margaret about 1827, who was still living at home in 1851 but married Captain Edmund BURDET in 1858

About 1850 Joseph was described as a farmer of 76 acres or as a statesman. He died in 1855 aged 84. Margaret survived him and appears to have gone to live with her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Captain Edmund BURDET in Arlecdon (a few miles to the north of Eskett), dying there in 1875 aged 90.

5. Joseph (1824-1890) and Mary (1830-1899) of Lamplugh

Joseph married Mary PONSONBY in 1849. They lived in the parish of Lamplugh - shortly after their marriage they were at Lang Moor in the Kinniside area, close to Eskett, but by 1852 they had moved a short distance to Low Stow Bank. They had a numerous family:
Ponsonby 1850-1936
Margaret 1852-1947 see below John 1853-80
Joseph 1854-1931
Mary 1856-76
Thomas 1858-1939
William 1861-77
Wilfred 1862-99
Robert Barnes 1864-1921
Edmund 1866-1913
Sarah born 1867
Elizabeth 1869-1955
(I do have further details on most of those, but no time to post at this stage)

Joseph died in 1890 and Mary in 1899. They are buried together in Ennerdale churchyard, with the three children they buried as young adults.

4. Margaret (1852-1947) who married Jeremiah RAWLING

Margaret in 1874 married a local farmer, Jeremiah RAWLING of Hollins, Lamplugh. She was 22 and he was five years older.

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